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flawless photo finish sunscreen

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  • This matte mineral sunscreen is incredible and is ideal for light to medium skin tones.  It is a mineral sunscreen which means it reflects the sun's rays off of your skin, it will not cause you to breakout, and has the added benefit of making your complexion appear brighter.  Because it is tinted, it disappears as it is applied into your skin and does not make your face white and chalky.  It's great for both men and women!  40 spf.


    Mineral screens are way better for your skin than chemical sunscreens. Don't let the high spf of chemical sunscreens fool you.  Chemical sunscreens can disrupt your hormones, cause breakouts, and actually increase the appearance of your dark spots/freckles.  This is because chemical sunscreens allow the harmful sun rays to penetrate your skin, then they absorb the rays, causing heat in your skin - which then makes your dark spots worse! Chemical sunscreens can also kill the coral reefs and are dangerous to aquatic life.  

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