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Who is behind One Society

My name is Sandy Nelles. I am a mom of 3, a wife, a daughter, a sister.  I've been a licensed Esthetician since 2008. I own and operate a successful skincare practice in Dallas, TX with 10 Skincare professionals on my team. One Society was born after trying many skincare brands and realizing not every brand has everything I need to successfully treat my clients and see the results I would promise. I live in the melting pot of Dallas, TX. And I'm very fortunate to see ALL skin challenges from dark spots, acne, dry skin, oily skin, skin that needs brightening, skin that needs that GLOW it once had. This is how and why I decided to create One Society Skincare. I needed a line that addressed ALL skincare. I was tired of all the steered marketing just for women or certain ethnicities. If you have skin then One Society was designed for you. I also was tired of skincare lines that claim to have active ingredients but found the active ingredients at the bottom of the ingredient deck. I wanted a product I could honestly and confidently recommend to my clients, friends and family. I also wanted a line that was on the clean. Products that were free of parabens, artificial fragrances and vegan. There's so many ingredients that actually work are derived from plants - no need to use animal products. One Society is very results driven, it's a active line. I believe in my products and know that they will radically change your skin. 

One Society
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